Lakmē Hyaluronic Dewy Micro Essence with 4% Hyaluronic Acid 100 ml 


Lakmē Hyaluronic Dewy Micro Essence with 4% Hyaluronic Acid 100 ml

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"Hydration is for everyone! Just like your body, your skin too needs to stay hydrated to look & feel good. Enter our hydrating essence, a unique formula with a 4% Hyaluronic Acid & Pentavitin Complex, designed to not only hydrate skin but also retain moisture. At the heart of our essence lies Hyaluronic Acid, a beloved skincare ingredient renowned for its ability to attract and retain moisture like a magnet. This powerhouse molecule can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, ensuring that your skin remains plump, supple, and deeply hydrated throughout the day. By replenishing moisture levels from within, Hyaluronic Acid helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving your complexion a youthful, radiant glow. Complementing the hydrating prowess of Hyaluronic Acid is Pentavitin, a cutting-edge moisture-binding complex. What truly sets our skincare essence apart is its luxurious texture, designed to envelop your skin in a veil of moisture without any greasy or heavy feel. Upon application, the essence melts effortlessly into the skin, delivering an instant burst of hydration that is both refreshing and revitalizing. Its lightweight formula is quickly absorbed, leaving behind no residue, only a feeling of pure hydration and comfort. Whether you're combating dryness, dullness, or simply seeking to maintain a healthy moisture balance, our skincare essence is your go-to solution for the perfect prep step. For best results, use with the Hyaluronic Dewy Regime of Facewash, Essence, Serum & Crème."

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Net Quantity: 100ml
Commodity: Face Wash
Manufacturer/Company Name : Alpla silvassa U871
Manufacturer/Company Address : Silvasa
Country of Origin : India
Expiry Date: 24 Months (From date of Manufacturing)

Cleanse: Begin by cleansing your face with a gentle facial cleanser suited to your skin type. Gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
Apply Hydrating Essence: Dispense a small amount of the Hydrating Essence onto your fingertips or palm. Gently pat or press the essence onto your skin, starting from the center of your face and moving outwards. Avoid rubbing or tugging on the skin to ensure gentle absorption.
Follow with Moisturizer: Allow the essence to fully absorb into your skin for.