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Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner 60 ml Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner 60 ml

Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner 60 ml

₹ 247 ₹ 325 24% off
4.6 | 5 Verified Ratings
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₹ 212 ₹ 249 15% off
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₹ 999 ₹ 1,214 18% off
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Lakmé Illuminating Skincare Kit Lakmé Illuminating Skincare Kit

Lakmé Illuminating Skincare Kit

₹ 999 ₹ 1,314 24% off
4.5 | 2 Verified Ratings
Lakmé Oily Skin Rescue Combo Lakmé Oily Skin Rescue Combo

Lakmé Oily Skin Rescue Combo

₹ 699 ₹ 825 15% off

1. What Is Toner?
This is a question we get to hear very commonly. Best skin toner have been around for a very long time, but they can be confusing. So we are going to talk about what a best skin toner is, how they work, how to choose a best toner for you, and how to use it.

Back in the day, skin toner cream used to be associated with being more like astringents, people used to think about things like sea breeze and really strong alcohol-based witch hazel type of astringent skin toner cream, and that’s what people associate best skin toner with, but these days skin toner cream is a little bit different. The different types of face toner for women include:

• SKIN EXFOLIATING TONERS -These types of face toner for women are meant to treat your skin, and they tend to use exfoliating acids in them. So you can get the toners that have BHA, the salicylic acid kind of ingredients in it that exfoliate your skin and help prep your skin for your next active skincare ingredients as well.

• SKIN CLEANSING TONERS -These face toner for women tend to cleanse your skin and additionally provide it with all the nutrients that traditional cleansers may remove, resulting in a soft, smooth, and glowing skin.

• SKIN HYDRATING TONERS -This is the best skin toner that either comes in a bottle form and to be applied using a cotton pad, or they are in a spray bottle form where you can spray a little mist on your skin, and you get a little bit of hydration and that balancing of your pH levels after you’ve cleansed your skin.

These skin toner for women also prepares your skin for your next skincare steps because damp skin always absorbs your products a little bit better.

So that is the main purpose of skin toner for women, they’re meant to be hydrating. Skin toner for women are not really supposed to be astringent as people don’t use astringent toner cream anymore

2. What Does A Toner Really Do?
Many of us tend to skip using toner cream from our beauty regime. But for a truly flawless skin, toner cream is necessary. Here are the benefits of the best toner for your skin:

• UNCLOGS PORES -A good face toner helps to shrink your pores and unclog the impurities. This makes your skin oil and dirt free giving a smooth finishing to it.

• PH BALANCE -Our skin has pH balance between 5 and 6 which gets disrupted due to cleansing. So this balance is restored with the help of a good face toner.

• PROTECTIVE LAYER - Face toner cream acts as a protective layer for your skin. Face toner cream cleans the impurities and reveals a problem-free skin. A good face toner also helps to remove the minerals and chlorine present in the tap water.

• MOISTURIZES & REFRESHES -There are some face toner cream that rebuilds the lost moisture of your skin. When you’re outdoors and need a quick refreshment and cleaning of your skin, toner does it very well.
Thus, make sure you add the best toner to your beauty regime now and flaunt the natural beauty of your skin.

3. How To Choose The Best Toner For You?
We say that using good toners is a crucial step because, after cleansing, that is the first product that comes in contact with your skin, making it very important to not to skip this step. Good toners definitely deserve a special place in your skincare routine because it plays a very essential role in your skincare game.

Basically, a Lakmé skin toner helps you remove all the makeup residue and pollutants trapped in the deepest layer of your skin. Here’s how you can choose the right Lakmé skin toner according to your skin type:

• DRY SKIN : Always choose a Lakmé skin toner that is going to give you a boost of hydration. You should definitely not use products after cleansing your face that is further going to dry out your skin more, which is why, being the first step of your skincare, go for a hydrating toner.

• COMBINATION SKIN : Make sure to always pick lightweight and hydrating toner products that will suit your skin according to the weather. Choose toner products containing protective antioxidants or vitamins because the ingredients in these toners will help you fight the signs of aging.

• OILY SKIN : The biggest issue for people with oily or acne-prone skin is clogged pores. When your skin secretes its natural oils and comes in contact with the environmental factors, it may lead to blocked pores, so you need exfoliating toner products to clean your pores and lead to healthy skin.

4. How to Use a Toner ?
Drench a cotton pad in a good skin toner and put it over your face; it’s just that simple. You may use a good skin toner after using a cleanser on your face and using serum and moisturizer. You may also take a few drops of toner on your palms and then press it into your skin, and you’re good to go!

5. Why Choose LakméIndia To Buy Toner Online?
The range of Lakmé toner at Lakmé involves everything at an affordable face toner price and each and every product carrying great reviews from our regular customers. In the case of affordable toners searches, We give you a variety of Lakmé toners to select according to your need and face toner price so that you do not have to stick to only one product.

The basic face toner price starts from budget-friendly rates and is convenient for you to buy a Lakmé toner. The skin toner price differs with different issue-related products, but normally skin toner price is not high enough for you to buy one as all they have is affordable toners. The main reason is to pay the skin toner price is that it gives you a perfect result in just one use.

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