Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Makeup Evolution over the Years According to Her Makeup Artists


Kareena Kapoor Khan has been an inspiration for many over the years. Whether it was her minimal makeup in Jab We Met or her smouldering eyes in Veere Di Wedding, everyone wants to copy Kareena’s looks, and there have been many. Here, Anu Kaushik and Lekha Gupta, two makeup maestros who have seen Kareena Kapoor Khan’s evolution up close, break it down for us.

When Mickey Contractor was doing her makeup for Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, he was a fan of her gorgeous skin and lauded how young she looked. He did not want to age her up with harsh makeup, so they stuck to using shades of pink through her makeup while keeping the base very minimal. Looks like that makeup became her go-to for the next few years.

Starting 2004 up until mid-2008, Kareena’s hair got some major Victoria Secret Angel-esque curls, and they were blonde, “I think going bleach blonde could have been a way for Kareena's makeup artists and stylists to get her to look a little older. Even the makeup was sobered down and tones of brown were introduced. The brown lip liner filled in with a nude lip colour with gloss was a route her makeup shouldn't have taken at all,” said Lekha.

Breakthrough look: Bold red lips with kohl in Chameli

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It was a sudden change when Kareena shed her girl-next-door image along with several pounds and got an edgy makeover. "If there was one thing we could go back and change about her look, we would absolutely steer clear of overloading Bebo's skin with bronzer. Not only did it make her look old, it probably was a little too orange to begin with,” says Lekha remembering her makeup from back then.

In Kurbaan, she was back to her Indian avatar but this time her character was a complete 180-turn from the flamboyant Geet. The decision to keep her face bare and focus instead on giving her statement eye looks stemmed from the bronzer overhaul. She and her makeup artist at the time Ritesh Naik, were both done with bronzers for good. Her hair was back to being black and was mainly left loose until there came a point where she decided to experiment with sleek ponytails and updos through 2012-2013. 

All through 2014 and 2015, we saw Bebo finally owning her look and accentuating her features. “It was Bebo’s decision to finally give up on nudes and bring some colour back into her look. As the eyes got softer, we amped the colour up. Yes we used bronzer again, but this time just to contour. Kareena’s skin is pretty clear and radiant so a harsh contour would probably have taken that glow away,” Lekha adds, giving us a great tip. 

Breakthrough look: Pastel frosted eyeshadow in Tashan.

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 The years 2012-2018 were Bebo’s defining moments in Bollywood and her personal life. Anu Kaushik came into this as a fan, “Bebo evolved as an actor and as a person. She discovered her personal style and went from smokey eyes to nude skin and berry lips. For her role in Ki and Ka (2016) her hair was longer and curlier. Bold brows, nude lips, and sun-kissed hair replaced her sleek hair,” she said breaking down the look for us.

Anu elaborated that through the last two years Bebo’s look was all about balance, “For Veere Di Wedding her makeup was minimal just like she does when she is off-duty. Now, adding glam is about doing a smokey eye or adding a berry lip. I think Bebo has now found a signature look which is mostly nude but doesn’t wash her out.”

“Bebo has now found the ideal balance of when she needs to amp it up and when she needs to let her skin breathe. More than that, she has finally understood what a blessing her skin is,” she concludes. 

Breakthrough look: Berry lips and Berry eyes in Veere Di Wedding.

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