Designer Advaeita Mathur Takes Only Ten Minutes to Get Ready for Every Event and This Is Her Secret

There isn’t anything more tedious than having to leave work to go to an event that you weren’t prepared to attend. Taking your no-make-up work look to a formal event isn’t an ideal scenario. So we spoke to the woman behind Studio Mettalurgy, Advaeita Mathur, to find out how she takes her day look to an updated evening one. This is her secret


“In the morning, instead of applying a foundation, I just mix the tiniest bit with moisturizer so that my skin looks natural but even. But if I need to go out at later, I just apply foundation on top of my moisturizer. If I’m looking to get an even more finished look, I use a corrector and a bronzer to add some colour to my face while also brightening it up.”

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“I honestly don’t like doing too much to my eyes. In the morning I just wear some kohl on the top of my eyelids, not the bottom, so that it doesn’t smudge and give me dark circles. I also, use a darker shade of kohl so that it stays longer and fades away naturally. If I’m going out in the evening though, I just add mascara and kohl to my waterline to intensify my eyes. That normally does the trick.”

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“A glossy lipstick, according to me, works the best for the day. It looks more natural and subtle for a day-time look. For the evening though I’d switch to a matte lipstick in the same colour maybe, it instantly makes it look like I’m ready to go out. I’m a fan of darker coloured lipsticks so plums and reds are more my style.”

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“I save blush for last because that’s my tool to look completely made-up. It’s only when I’m going to an event or a party that I’d wear some blush or fill in my eyebrows for that matter. These two things are a part of the full-face routine that I don’t do every day.”

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