A Primer is the secret to make your makeup last longer

No it’s not your skin type, neither are you putting your makeup on wrong. The reason why that makeup just won’t stay for as long as you want it to, is just one critical factor…it’s missing the base of a primer. Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Considering that you have done all the conventional prepping of cleansing and moisturizing before you start your makeup journey, the primer should be your new addition. One that will promptly transform into the most essential item in your dress up regime.

The obvious perk is that this little agent will give your makeup a more professional feel and last as long as you need it to, but there are many other significant advantages to the makeup primer. It is the one makeup product that actually aids in skin care. Surprised? Wait until you try it for yourself. The primer strategically places itself between the skin and the foundation, to ensure that your pores remain makeup free and keeps clogging at bay. What’s more is that it has nourishing properties that work towards repairing blemishes and reducing the size of pores.