5 Lip Shades That Every Woman Needs

The power of this stick is far beyond its humble appearance. It’s the one stick that can take your look from dull to dynamic with a simple glide. Every look can be complemented with an ideal shade and, let’s face it, we want to be equipped. Picking the right shade for an all-day wear in the office is a hard decision and we understand the dilemma. The right lipstick has to be long lasting, with just the right amount of pigmentation, appropriate for day and night wear, and budget friendly. It may seem impossible to find even one with all these features, but believe us when we tell you we have many. 

In a world where we’re spoiled for choices, the options are endless, but we’re here to tell you what to pick out and keep stocked all year round. Here are 5 shades that can keep you going, no matter the occasion and no matter the dress code. These shades are ideally picked to complement every skin tone, so feel free to swap from one shade to the other. Their versatility is commendable.