Bold Matte Lips Look

It’s the era of bold lips, intense colours, matte trends and minimal makeup! Here’s a look that blends the best of what’s trending; try this sensational makeup look and watch it become your new favourite. Here’s how.


Prime your face and neck with a gel to moisturise and hydrate skin. Apply a foundation stick across face and neck; blend evenly for a smooth, flawless base. Conceal under eye area and imperfections with a concealer.

Pro Tip:

While blending with a sponge, dampen it for easy blending. Pat for perfect complexion!


Hydrate your lips with a lip balm. Outline them with a lip definer for a stunning, sharp finish. Draw a cross on your cupid’s bow and colour in lips carefully. Perfect your pout with a bold, matte shade.

Pro Tip:
Use a lip liner to make your pout stand out.


Trace your lower lash line with kajal to bring out your eyes. Finish with two generous coats of mascara for glamorous lashes.

Pro Tip:
Apply mascara, coat lashes with powder and apply another coat for a thicker finish.