Lakmē Dew Drama Facewash 


Lakmē Dew Drama Facewash

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"Get ready to steal the spotlight with Dew Drama collection, featuring a cleanser, moisturizer and serum to complete your daily skincare regime! Watch this creamy cleanser transform into foam and gently wash away dirt, dust, impurities and even makeup. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to radiant drama that's bound to make heads turn. With Dew Drama, your skin becomes the star of its own show, effortlessly captivating everyone around you. Get ready to slay the runway with our game-changing product! Packed with pro-ceramides, it creates a protective skin barrier that battles pollution, and fights off those pesky external enemies. Say goodbye to dullness and roughness and hello to a dewy, glowing complexion that's always on point! It’s also enriched with potent 6% Vitamin E + B3 + F complex. Vitamin F seals in moisture to strengthen skin barrier and protect from environmental aggressors. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that promotes calm skin and fights signs of premature aging and last but not the least, Vitamin B3 supports youthful and soft skin. With the dew-al benefits of soft skin and a healthy, youthful glow; it's time to unleash the Dew Drama and let your skin shine brighter than ever! Here's how you should build your regime from the House Of Lakme.
• Start or end your day with the facewash
• Treat your skin with the serum
• Moisturize daily for that soft glow"

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Net Quantity: 100 g
Commodity: Facewash
Manufacturer/Company Name : Lotus
Manufacturer/Company Address : Lotus L.B.C.P. UNIT II, HARIDWAR 249 403, UTTARAKHAND. M.L. NO. 16/C/UA/2010.
Country of Origin : India
Expiry Date: 24 Months (From date of Manufacturing)

Step 1: Splash your face with lukewarm water.
Step 2: This helps to open up your pores and prepare your skin for cleansing.