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Lakmé Absolute 3D Eye Brow Definer

₹ 701 ₹ 825 15% OFF
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings

Lakmé Absolute 3D Eye Brow Definer

₹ 701 ₹ 825 15% OFF
4.7 | 3 Verified Ratings

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Ever wondered if your eyebrows could speak volumes? Especially in 3D? Well, say hello to the all-new Lakmé Absolute 3D Brow Definer. It gives you fuller looking brows with minimal effort. It has an efficient formula with a creamy and smooth finish that blends like a dream! Get fuller looking brows that spell 3D with its luxurious finish and defined look. The pencil comes with a built-in spoolie that makes the application process super easy and effective. It gets your arches in place, grooms stray strands and helps define the shape of your brows. The pencil can be sharpened to make sure you get precise and defined strokes that almost mimic the natural strands. Get 3D perfection brows effortlessly with the Lakmé Absolute 3D Brow Definer. This pencil is available in 2 shades – Black and Brown. 

MRP inclusive of all taxes on all products
Net Quantity: 1.19 g

Expiry date: May, 2023

Commodity: Eye Brow Definer
Company Name : Schwan Cosmetics
Company Address : Schwan Cosmetics Germany Gmbh & Co. KG, Schwanweg 1, 90562, Heroldsberg, Germany
Country of Origin : Germany

Step 1: Brush through your brows with the spoolie and get them in shape. Step 2: Use the sharpened pencil. Step 3: Draw strokes in an upward direction all the way from the bottom of your brows till the arches.


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What Comprises Of Eye Makeup ?
Eye makeup is considered an art of the goddesses. It can either enhance or ruin your look. And what any eye makeup can do, your face is spellbound. It can change your look instantly, making you look stunning and fabulous. Practice is all you need to master the art of flawless eye makeup. And understanding of choosing the right shade is what matters a lot.
A simple eye makeup kit has an eye primer, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyelash curler, and you are done. Trust us; you don’t have to be a maestro to get your eye makeup right. Initially, start little-little, and with time you will blend it like a pro.
Always choose branded eye makeup products as they are safe to use for the eyes. Eye makeup kit price depends on the products that are present in it. So if you want only a few eye cosmetics, then the eye kit won’t be much expensive.
So girls, are you ready to learn and become an eye makeup pro? Then, let’s talk everything about eye makeup here.

How Do I Wear Eye Makeup?
Here let’s talk about how to wear your eye makeup.

Step 1: Use an eye primer
We always recommend using eye primer! This is because it is precisely what will keep your eye makeup intact for long. Eye primer creates a smooth surface and helps makeup to glide on easily. People with oily lids should not ignore this step. Apply a small amount of eye primer and let it dry for a few minutes. Now apply an Eye shadow base as to let your shades to have a good base to settle on. Eye primer is an important part of an eye makeup kit.

Step 2: Choose neutral eye shadow shades for eye beauty products
Initially, you should always go for basic shades being a beginner. Once you have got a hold on it, you can always choose to go crazy with colors and glitters. Go for shades that you can use for an everyday look. A highlighter is also needed, a shade lighter to your skin tone, a mid-tone adding a pop of color to the eyes, and a contouring shade darker compared to your skin tone. With these 4 shades in your eye makeup kit are ready for your eye makeup.

Step 3: Choose eye makeup brushes for the eye kit
Compared to other makeup brushes, eye makeup brushes are different, though there are many beauty artists who use their fingers for eye makeup. For people who are at beginner level should use a brush for eye makeup. You should have a small eye shadow brush as it helps to apply the eye shadow easily and precisely. Then you will need a small and medium-sized blending brush that is helpful in blending the shades smoothly, giving a smokey effect. In case you wish to have a heavy smoky, sensuous look, then you need to have a smudger brush to get the desired look. All these brushes you should include in your eye makeup kit for beginners. All these eye makeup products online are available at an affordable price.

Step 4: Use an eye shadow brush for a complete eye makeup kit
Take the lightest shade, and with the help of an eye shadow brush, glide it from the inner corner of your eyelid, stretching it outwards. Always start your eye makeup from the inner corner of your eyelids. Eye cosmetics are essential products, so you need to choose them wisely.

Step 5: Use of blending brush
Take the mid-tone shade and glide your blending brush above the crease line, but remember this time, you need to start from outward, gliding it appropriately to inwards. Ensure not to overdo it and make it seamless. You can choose mid-tone of any shade, such as from neutral to any color, suiting your outfit. Eye makeup products come in various colors and ranges, so you can choose one as per your choice.

Step 6: Contouring your eyes
If you wish to add great definition to your eyes, then contouring it is a perfect way, making your eyes pop up glamorously. Your features are more balanced with well-contoured eyes. For contouring, use the darkest shade. Always keep your contour shade lighter than the mid-tone shade. You can online look for eye makeup kit price and choose the best one.

Step 7:Properly line the eyes
Eyeliner is the most important thing to have beautiful eyes. Draw a line starting from the inner corner of your eyes toward the outer corner. Never forget to add eyeliner in your eye kit as eye products makeup is incomplete without it.

Step 8: Apply mascara to your eyelashes
The final step of your eye makeup is applying Mascara, but prior to applying it curl your eyelashes with a curler. Then take mascara and start applying from root to the tip of your eyelashes. Do the same for lower eyelashes also.

Here are the steps to follow for eye makeup. A full eye makeup kit is essential to have in your makeup kit as to enhance your look in every manner. Prior going for the best eye makeup kit, you need to make an eye makeup products list and then choose each eye beauty products as per your need.

Eye Makeup Styles And Looks That You Can Try
When we talk about eye makeup products, there are endless color and style combinations available. Here are some of the styles that you can try to get a pretty look.

● Natural – This is great for the workplace and everyday look. Natural eye makeup helps to enhance your eye features without even letting anyone know that you are wearing makeup. So in your eye makeup kit, you should always have some natural colors. Look for an eye makeup set kit with all-natural colors.

● Cat eye makeup – It is a classic technique where you need to sweep the outer corner of the eyes upward. A perfect cat eye looks different on every individual.

● Shimmery – For shimmery eye makeup, eyeshadow with sparkles are used. This look can be added to any makeup. So you should choose sparkling eye cosmetics for a shimmery look. As eye cosmetic products with natural colors won’t give you a glamorous look

● Smokey eye makeup – This look gives your eyes a mysterious, sultry appearance. To get a smokey eye look, you can use natural colors, vibrant colors, dark or bold colors.
It’s time to get a full eye makeup kit and change your look in a glamorous way. You can make your own eye makeup set kit by choosing eye cosmetic products of your own choice.
Look for the best eye makeup starter kit and get a hold on eye makeup like a pro.

Does Eye Makeup Cause Eye Itching?

Yes, eye makeup products can cause eye itching. When you are allergic to several ingredients of your eye products makeup, you can find yourself having some common signs of allergies such as itching in your eyes, swollen eyes, excessive tearing, rashes, and burning sensation. Thus always first make an eye makeup products list and see the ingredients used in it and choose the best eye makeup kit.

Why Choose LakméIndia To Buy Eye Makeup Products Online?

LakméIndia is a well-known brand, and we here bring you eye makeup kits for beginners. With us, you can easily do eye makeup kit online shopping from the comfort of your home. Browse through our website and choose your favorite products and make an eye makeup kit online without any hassle.

To get that amazing look for your everyday life, you need to have a complete eye makeup kit with you. With eye makeup products online, you can make your eyes look glamorous besides it also changes your entire look. For beginners, you should always choose basic products and make an eye makeup starter kit with which you can practice regularly and get a hold on eye beauty products.

Eyes Makeup Product Price List

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